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Pink Potion Born of Provence

Written by: Dan Simnor

Pink Potion Born of Provence
Rosé has been crushing drinkers misconceptions over the past few years, largely in part to millennials obsession with the pink potion. Although rosé possesses year round drinkability, it thrives in the summertime due its combination of characteristics; fruity, dry, floral, and most importantly refreshing. It is important to know that rosé sits within its own category of wine, and because of its uniqueness, carries a heap of versatility. Rosé is not just a womens drink, nor is it very sweet like it's unfortunate lookalike white zinfandel. Here are some reasons why rosé is a favorite among pioneering wine drinkers and the staff at White Horse Wine & Spirits.
     Rosé fits the bill for just about any summer activity. Whether it be brunch, the beach, or a BBQ, there is a bottle of  rosé for the day ahead. Rosés color is determined by the length of time the skins of the grape are left within the juice. This allows large deviation in tone from light pink to near red; each color providing its own taste profile, tannins, and acidity.
     You can score a great bottle at low cost. Although most popularly produced in Provence, France, rosé can be cultivated almost anywhere in the world from almost any grape. This allows for great experimentation and cost competition, keeping new entrants prices down. A bevy of delightful rosés sit within the comfortable price range of $8-$20. 
     Rosé is sessionable and versatile. Come summertime, drinking often starts early in the day. The typically lower alcohol content of rosé makes for a perfect early beverage without the risk of premature intoxication. Also, rosé can be used in cocktails (inexpensive, fizzy, and fruity; a great base for any experiment). A formidable pairing for chicken, grilled veggies, fish, or any other summer meal, rosé is the way to go.
     So do not be scared to think pink, plain and simple rosé is delicious, especially in the coming summer months. Broaden your horizons and try something new, check out the White Horse Wine & Spirits Dry Rosé Collection to find unique wines, reviews, and great prices. Cheers.

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