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  • Craft Brews on the Rise in NJ [2017 Edition]

    Craft Brews on the Rise in NJ [2017 Edition]

    The number of craft breweries in New Jersey has more than quadrupled over the past decade. Local consumers have been flooded with different beer options provided by passionate and competitive brewers. The success and exponential growth of the market prove that people will spend hard earned money on good beer. With 80 plus craft breweries embracing their Jersey pride with fresh and innovative products, the local beer scene is stronger than ever. NJs largest craft brewery, Flying Fish, paved the road for NJ beer production over 20 years ago. Currently occupying a former Motown Records vinyl pressing plant in Somerdale, they...

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  • Author: Chad Umansky, local, New Jersey, Spirits, wine
  • The Spirits of New Jersey

    The Spirits of New Jersey

    New Jersey is experiencing a boom in the craft distillery business, with artisan distilleries turning out vodkas, bourbons, rums and moonshine at a record pace. This boost comes after a law passed in 2013 that lowered the cost of an artisan distiller permit from $12,500 per year to $938 per year for up to 20,000 gallons or about 640 barrels. This significant drop in price has allowed craft distilleries to pop up all over the state from Camden (Cooper River Distillers) to Fairfield (Claremont Distillery) and join the small batch producers of Jersey-made wine and beer in making a name for themselves in the spirits market. ...

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  • Author: Elizabeth McCabe, Breads, local, New Jersey
  • Fresh Breads & Baked Goods at White Horse Wine & Spirits

    Fresh Breads & Baked Goods at White Horse Wine & Spirits

    At White Horse Wine & Spirits, we believe the best experiences include both good food and good drink. We take great pride in the products we carry and the ingredients we use, and the baked goods we bring in are no exception. We feature three bakery partners here at White Horse: LeBus Bakery of Philadelphia, Hammerbacher of Egg Harbor City, and Ventnor 7311 of Ventnor, NJ. LeBus Bakery has built a reputation in the Philadelphia area based on a great selection of artisan baked goods made with quality ingredients. LeBus delivers freshly baked bread to our door every morning, all made with non-GMO flour....

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    • Written by: Elizabeth McCabe

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