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  • White Wines for Patio Season

    White Wines for Patio Season

    We've collected our favorite porch pounders that are perfect for warm weather sipping. Shop our Top 6 white wines for enjoying with the sunshine!   La Boutanche Riesling A crowd pleasing white with great acidity and tons of key lime notes. It's everything wine should be: natural, affordable, and delicious. Plus it comes in a one-liter bottle, all the better for sharing.    Brisa Suave Vinho Verde Brisa Suave translates to “cool breeze” in Portuguese, perfectly describing the freshness, zesty citrus and the right amount of fizz. Dry, clean, crisp & refreshing white wine. This light and slightly effervescent white wine...

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  • Which Wines to Bring to a BYOB Restaurant

    Which Wines to Bring to a BYOB Restaurant

    BYOB restaurants (“BYOB” stands for “bring your own bottle") are an excellent way to dine out while avoiding high markups on your favorite drinks. The savings are especially noticeable if you want to treat yourself to a nicer bottle of wine or something off the beaten path. Read on for some of our top wine picks for BYOB dining.

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  • Wine Wednesdays with Adam: These Wines are Shucking Good [Oyster-Friendly Wines]

    Wine Wednesdays with Adam: These Wines are Shucking Good [Oyster-Friendly Wines]

    Welcome to the latest installment of Wine Wednesdays with Adam! Each week we'll explore some of my favorite wines and what makes them stand out from the crowd. This week: oyster friendly wines. Great wines for oysters are what people in the beer world would call “sessionable” – brisk, racy, and refreshing. Their acidity acts much like a squeeze of lemon. Minerality and certain other wine qualities that give the impression of saltiness – such as the presence of lees during wine aging – also tend to complement the briny-sweetness of oysters. Lees are leftover yeast particles from the self-destruction of yeast cells during...

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  • How to Choose Wines for Your Holiday Table

    How to Choose Wines for Your Holiday Table

    With so many different types of food being served during the holidays, it can be challenging to decide what types of wine to put on the table. Here are our six go-to wines this holiday season: Juvé & Camps Cava Brut The brut nature of cava makes it extremely versatile and food friendly as the acidity and bubbles clean your palate after each bite. Try this Cava for aromas of ripe peaches and lemon and rich tastes of green apple, jasmine green tea, and toasted almonds. $15.99 - Buy Now Clean Slate Riesling Riesling’s characteristic balance between acidity and sugar allows...

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  • Wine Buying Made Easy with the $99 Case

    Wine Buying Made Easy with the $99 Case

    When you love wine, it disappears quickly, especially when friends and family are involved. Restocking the wine rack with a variety of wines can be time consuming and expensive. As a result, we've come up with the $99 Case (or "The Magic Case" as some customers have come to call it) that features 12 different wines that we know and love, put together for you at a huge discount. As wine buyers, we taste a lot of wine (a major perk of the job). The $99 case is our way of showcasing some of the amazing wines that we discover while...

    • Written by: Adam Sternberger

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