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Which Wines to Bring to a BYOB Restaurant

Written by: Adam Sternberger

Which Wines to Bring to a BYOB Restaurant

South Jersey and Philadelphia are home to some awesome BYOB establishments. Feel lucky because this does not exist everywhere! BYOB restaurants (“BYOB” stands for “bring your own bottle") are an excellent way to dine out while avoiding high markups on your favorite drinks. The savings are especially noticeable if you want to treat yourself to a nicer bottle of wine or something off the beaten path.

When choosing which kind(s) of wine to bring, there are a couple of different ways you can go. One option is to pick wines that are generally food-friendly, like sparkling wines, light & crisp whites, rosés, and lighter-bodied reds. Another option is to grab a bottle that's made in the same region as the style of food you'll be enjoying... or you can just follow your mood!

Here are some of our top wine picks for BYOB dining:

Keeping it Classic

Despite their less familiar names, both of these wines are made with classic grapes you're probably familiar with. Grab one (or both) of these bottles next time you find yourself headed to a restaurant that features classic French cuisine. 

This organic wine is made with French Chardonnay. It's fermented naturally in stainless steel tanks, so it tastes more on the fresh and crisp side -- making it very food-friendly. 

Domaine de la Cadette Bourgogne Vezelay la Chatelaine - $30.99/bt

Another great organic wine from France, this wine is made from 100% Pinot Noir. This light red wine is fermented naturally in oak barrels, but it still retains a nice freshness. 

Domaine de La Cadette Champs Cadet Bourgogne Rouge - $34.99/bt

Going Italian 

There's no shortage of Italian restaurants in South Jersey, especially when it comes to BYOB. And you know what they say: when eating Italian, drink as the Italians do (or something like that...). Give these two unique Italian wines a try next time you find yourself going Italian:

Jermann Vinnae Ribolla

This fresh light white blend pairs beautifully with fresh salads and seafood -- especially mussels in a white wine garlic sauce.


Vajra Barolo Alba 2015

This wine's high acidity and bold tannins make it a great match for traditional Italian ingredients like Parmesan, olive oil, and garlic. 


Feeling Funky

If you're looking to try something completely off the beaten path, these two natural wines are great options. Both are great choices for Saison or sour beer drinkers who want to switch it up and enjoy some wine with dinner.

Ampeleia Costa Toscana Bianco

A great "starter orange" for those who are new to the natural wine scene.


Somos Tinto

This contemporary medium-bodied red is loaded with charisma.


Pro tip: Most BYOB restaurants will have ice buckets, corkscrews, and stemware on hand, but if you have any doubts, be sure to call ahead. Regardless, it's always good to chill your sparkling, white, or light red wine ahead of time so it is ready to drink when you arrive. You can always use an insulated bag to keep your wine cold on your way to the restaurant and while you're waiting to be seated.


Remember: taste is subjective. At the end of the day, as long as you're enjoying your selections, you've made the right choice!


*Prices reflected are correct as of 2/26/2020 and are subject to change after that date.

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