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About The Market

The Market was born out of Adam and Liz's passion for food and entertaining. While traveling or living in different cities, Adam and Liz would always seek out specialty food stores and cheese shops, which became the inspiration to expand the store to include a gourmet market.

Liz grew up in the restaurant industry, learning to cook healthy food at a young age, but kept cooking and hosting as a hobby until 2013, when Adam convinced her to quit her job as a therapist to open and run the Market. Together, they want to share their love and passion for food, drink, and family with their community. 

Our kitchen items are made from scratch using locally sourced, organic ingredients. 

In the Market, you'll find grocery essentials, gourmet packaged foods, small batch products, and familiar snacks. We strive to stock quality products made with real ingredients.  

Kitchen & Counter Hours

The Market counter and kitchen are open Monday - Saturday 12pm-7pm

Takeout Menu

Our everyday menu is available Monday - Saturday 12pm-7pm. Weekly specials are available Wednesday - Saturday 12-7pm and Dinners are available  Wednesday - Friday 4-7pm. The weekly specials and dinner menu will be posted on the website and shared via email and social media on Tuesdays.

Daily specials will be posted here and are available while supplies last.

How To Order

Orders can be placed online, via phone, or at The Market counter.

When ordering online, choose "The Market" when selecting your pick-up location. This will allow you to select a pick-up window that's only 30 minutes away. Please note: this option is only available for items listed on our Takeout Menu and may not appear if you add additional items to your cart. Items on the Wine & Beer menu will qualify for the 30-minute pickup window. 

Picking Up Your Order

We've designated Door #2 (closest to The Market / Dollar Tree) as the Pick-up Only entrance. If you prefer curbside pickup, please call 609-677-9880 x110 when you arrive, and give us your order number & car type. We will bring your order out to you.


Freshly Baked Bread

We're excited to announce our new bakery partner: Bakeria 1010! Started by Mike Fitzick (a.k.a. Pizza Jew), Bakeria 1010 naturally ferments their dough using a starter culture sourced from Naples, Italy. The long slow fermentation results in a light yet crispy product that 100% organic and easily digestible. Find their freshly baked breads on our weekly menu.


Takeout Wine & Beer Menu

Each week's menu will include a selection of our favorite wines and craft beers, which will all qualify for the 30-minute pickup window. Most of the wines will be organic, natural, or sustainable, and all of the beers will be from independent craft breweries.


Grab & Go

If you plan on visiting the store, we'll have an assortment of homemade grab and go items available in The Market, along with grocery essentials, snacks, and pre-cut cheeses. Our store hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 10am-6pm.


We look forward to serving you all!

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