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Our wine selection is second to none with fantastic wines in every price range. We take the worry out of wine by organizing our store by style, so if you're a Pinot Noir drinker, you'll find your favorites in the Light Red section, along with a few similar varietals that you might also enjoy. Take a stroll down our craft beer aisle for buzzworthy brews or browse our selection of bourbon and whiskey in our top-notch spirits section. Head over to the Market counter for freshly made soups, salads, sandwiches, and dinners, made from scratch with locally sourced, organic ingredients. Wander through the Market to find gourmet cheeses, specialty foods, groceries, and everything you need for the perfect night in or shop our unique and inspired selection of barware, glassware, and kitchen accessories for your home and bar. 

What We're All About

Whether it's sitting on the porch with friends, throwing the bash of the year, or cozying up by the fire for date-night, we want your time spent relaxing and having fun with the people you love to be made even better by great food and delicious drinks. Our goal is to listen to you, find out your tastes, and hand you something new and delicious for you to love. Our approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate staff is ready to offer suggestions or simply help you find what you came in for. What makes White Horse special is the passion for great food and drink that we share with friends and customers, whether you're visiting our store or browsing our website.

Our Core Values

Integrity. We believe in doing what you say you're going to do.  

Honesty. We aim to be authentic in our interactions and communicate openly and respectfully.

Innovation and initiative. We believe that being bold and embracing change makes us better as a company and as individuals, plus it makes life more fun. Maintain a growth mindset and always be looking for ways to make each other better. Be curious, explore, and learn.  

Inclusivity and Diversity. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where people's unique and diverse perspectives are celebrated and respected. We commit to continuing to listen, learn, and grow so that inclusivity and accessibility is central to our business and community. 

Kindness and respect. We believe that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Practice kindness to ourselves, to others, and the planet.

Hospitality. Create a welcoming space for our community. Build connections and delight our guests with a pleasant and inspiring shopping experience.

Gratitude. We believe it's so important to enjoy life and appreciate life's simplest and most precious moments. Food and drink is often at the center of any gathering of friends and family, so we think it should stand out. 

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