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Meet Our Team

We're always looking for creative, diverse, and unique individuals to join our team! If you're interested, please fill out an application and we'll be in touch. 

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Adam's Picture

Adam, one half of the husband-wife duo running the store and the energy and spirit behind White Horse. Adam has created an eclectic and impressive wine portfolio. He loves his mornings, whether spent gardening, surfing, or sipping on a cup of coffee. Adam's Picks

Elizabeth's Picks

Elizabeth, the other half of the husband-wife duo and the passion and brains behind The Market. An avid cook and veggie enthusiast, she loves the simple things in life, like a glass of wine on the porch. Elizabeth's Picks

Lolathe Dog's picture

 Lola, a true lover of life and a role model for us all. She spends her days lounging in the office, eating unattended employee lunches, and chasing a soccer ball around the warehouse. Lola's Picks

Ryan, who recently joined our team as a partner and Director of Wine and Spirits, has worked in the industry since he was 17. Ryan has perfected the balance between enjoying his wine while still being able to rise early and get a 30+ mile bike ride in. Shop Ryan's Picks

Melissa's picture

Melissa is our house "mom." She's first in line to cheer you on, but also the first to put you in your place when needed. She's the perfect balance we need as our HR rep & General Store Manager. Melissa is loved and respected by everyone she meets.  Melissa's Picks are always popular with our shoppers!

Nick's Picture

Nick is one of our managers and beer/wine buyers. He's a dynamic guy with an energetic personality that keeps work fun. See what he is drinking this week. Nick's Picks

Allegra, eager to try every food from The Market and every wine on the "house picks" rack. She'll never turn down a taste or the chance to learn something new. Allegra enjoys quiet time outside and adventures with her daughter. Shop Allegra's Picks


Momo is always rocking their flair and is sure to make you smile. They like rum cocktails and dinner from the Market.  Check out what they've been into lately: Momo's Picks


Maddie, always sweet, forever smiling with a contagious giggle. One of our customer service dream team members who is always ready to help. Maddie spends her free time with her niece and loves to cook. Check out Maddie's Picks

Matt works both in the warehouse and on our sales floor. One word to describe Matt? Fun. He is full of jokes, smiles, and good vibes. When Matt isn’t working he enjoys playing volleyball or sipping on some wine & playing board games. Matt's Picks

Mack works in the warehouse, ensuring the shelves are stocked and the warehouse is organized. He is an intuitive soul with positive vibes who likes playing ice hockey, working on cars, and drinking light white wines. Check out his staff picks!

Heather's Picks

Heather works the sales floor. She's got a fun, funky style all her own - she's a pro thrifter who frequents second hand stores with her Mom. She's got an intense love for Taylor Swift (can you blame her?), is expressive and funny as heck,  and is an absolute joy to have in our store.  Shop Heather's Picks

PJ is our lead line cook and an integral member of our kitchen team. He puts together a killer playlist, and has a contagious upbeat energy that lifts us up everyday. PJ's Picks

Amor can be found in our kitchen cooking about ten different things at one time. As our Sous Chef, she runs the show in the kitchen and she does so with ease and grace. She's sweet, she's sassy, and she is an absolute pleasure to be around. Amor's Picks

Emma works the sales floor. She's quiet, but don't let her fool you. Emma is tough as nails. We love her genuine personality and her willingness to learn new things. Emma's Picks

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