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Meet Our Team

Steve's PictureSteve, the creator of it all and a man who knows what he likes. Steve's Picks

Adam's PictureAdam, the energy and spirit behind White Horse who always enjoys drinking something new. Loves his mornings, whether spent gardening, surfing, or sipping on a dark cup of coffee. Adam's Picks

Elizabeth's PicksElizabeth, the passion and brains behind The Market and a veggie enthusiast who has a knack for the kitchen. Loves the simple things in life, like a glass of wine on the porch. Elizabeth's Picks

Lolathe Dog's picture  Lola, a true lover of life and a role model for us all. Lola's Picks

Melissa's pictureMelissa, mother Goose at both home and work, and still always smiling. She will always steer you in the right direction. Melissa's Picks

Eric's PicksEric, a true craft beer aficionado, but don’t minimize his wine knowledge. This guy knows some things. Eric's Picks

Jorge's ImageJorge, follow this guy’s beer advice as he has gained some serious knowledge over his years in the industry. Jorge's Picks

Nick's PictureNick, a dynamic guy who is full of energy and soaking in more knowledge every day. See what he is drinking this week. Nick's Picks

Colleen's pictureColleen, a Pinot Noir devotee and an absolute bundle of energy that brings light to the company every day. Don’t let her fool you because she is a boss in the kitchen. Colleen's Picks

Matt's pictureMatt, this fun-loving guy gets along with everyone and is always bringing in homemade sweet treats to share. Enjoys drinking spirits and ciders, check out his current favorites. Matt's Picks

Lincoln's pictureLincoln, a great storyteller and a lover of both food and wine. Loves to drink things off the beaten path. Lincoln's Picks      



























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