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  • White Wines for Patio Season

    White Wines for Patio Season

    We've collected our favorite porch pounders that are perfect for warm weather sipping. Shop our Top 6 white wines for enjoying with the sunshine!   La Boutanche Riesling A crowd pleasing white with great acidity and tons of key lime notes. It's everything wine should be: natural, affordable, and delicious. Plus it comes in a one-liter bottle, all the better for sharing.    Brisa Suave Vinho Verde Brisa Suave translates to “cool breeze” in Portuguese, perfectly describing the freshness, zesty citrus and the right amount of fizz. Dry, clean, crisp & refreshing white wine. This light and slightly effervescent white wine...

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  • What is Piquette?

    What is Piquette?

    Piquette is a crisp, clean drink that straddles the line of many things (flavored fizzy water, beer, hard seltzer, wine), while being completely unique. Generally thought of as a low-brow product, it is seeing a resurgence thanks to the growing popularity in natural wine and this makes us so happy because it is the perfect summer daytime sipper! This "wine like beverage" is made by re-fermenting the grape skins and stems after they are pressed (essentially made from “leftovers” from the wine making process), resulting in a highly-drinkable, low-alcohol beverage that is perfect for relaxing afternoons and long conversations. Give them a...

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  • What is Pét-Nat?

    What is Pét-Nat?

    If you’re looking to change up your bubbly routine, Pét-Nat is a great place to start. Short for pétillant naturel, or "naturally sparkling," Pet-Nat is the natural, authentic, untamed version of sparkling wine. It's Champagne in flip flops.  Crafted from white and red grapes alike, Pét-Nat is made in the “methode ancestral.” The winemaker takes a wine that's still-fermenting and they bottle it before its finished, allowing the wine to complete fermentation in the bottle. The result? Easy-drinking, slightly fizzy wines that are generally low in alcohol—perfect for casual sipping. How do you know if a wine is Pét-Nat? A crown-style cap is often a good indicator. You can also look for the words "pétillant natural,"...

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  • Top Picks for a Small-Scale Labor Day Celebration

    Top Picks for a Small-Scale Labor Day Celebration

    Somehow, the end of summer always comes too soon. Make the most of the final days of the season with these Labor Day essentials: El Chiringuito Organic Sangria This new organic sangria is a Tempranillo/Garnacha blend macerated with Valencia oranges & lemons with no added sugar! It's perfect for any time of day, goes great with BBQ, and can even be enjoyed spritz-style with some club soda and an orange slice. Jersey Shore Cookbook Even if you plan to skip the beach this Labor Day, you can bring your favorite boardwalk recipes home with this cookbook. It features 50 recipes from popular Jersey Shore restaurants, and many...

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  • The Best Canned Drinks to Enjoy This Summer

    The Best Canned Drinks to Enjoy This Summer

    Canned wines and cocktails are becoming more than just a passing fad as the quality and selection of these drinks grow. Cans are lighter and easier to transport than bottles, they stay cooler longer, and you don't need a corkscrew to open them -- making them the perfect option for outdoor summer drinking, by the pool, at the beach, or on your porch. They’re also a great option for socially distanced summer get-togethers if you’re worried about sharing bottles. Here are some of our top picks: West & Wilder These canned wines are as delicious as they are pretty. Each can is...

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