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  • Author: Andrea Tudor, Cocktails, entertaining, Liquor, recipe, Spirits, tequila
  • Recipe: Tequila Spritz Pitcher Cocktail

    Recipe: Tequila Spritz Pitcher Cocktail

    This cocktail pours pleasantly peach, but don’t let the color fool you; your pitcher is going to pack a serious punch. Negroni lovers, rejoice! You now have a summertime cocktail that’s a bit lighter and brighter - perfect for sipping in the sun.

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  • Author: Marc Flatley, Liquor, Spirits, whiskey
  • Whiskey Wednesday with Marc: Kentucky Classics

    Whiskey Wednesday with Marc: Kentucky Classics

    With two centuries of whiskey-making experience, it’s safe to say Kentucky knows what they’re doing when it comes to bourbon. So what is it about Kentucky that makes for such great and distinctive whiskey? Water The water in Kentucky was practically made for making bourbon. Kentucky sits on a bed of blue limestone, which acts as a natural water filter. The water picks up yeast-friendly minerals like calcium and magnesium from the rock as it flows through it, but the rock also filters out bitter-tasting elements like iron. Soil Kentucky also boasts some of the richest, most fertile soil in the US, which...

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  • Author: Andrea Tudor, Cocktails, Liquor, recipe
  • Cocktail Recipe: Americano Spritz

    Cocktail Recipe: Americano Spritz

    This fresh take on a spritz is as tasty as it is refreshing. Enjoy this apéritif at brunch or in the early evening to prime your palate for the meal to come. Here’s how to make it: Fill your glass with 3 oz Prosecco Add 2 oz St. George Bruto Americano Add juice from half of an orange (optional) Top with 1 oz soda water Stir lightly and garnish with an orange slice

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  • Author: Andrea Tudor, Cocktails, Liquor, Mixers, recipe, Spirits
  • Cocktail Recipe: Germain & Gin

    Cocktail Recipe: Germain & Gin
    August's cocktail of the month features locally produced Alibi Gin and a craft mixer from Quince & Apple. Perfect for when you're feeling a little fancy.

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  • Cocktails, Liquor, Mixers, Spirits
  • The Power of the Mixer

    The Power of the Mixer

    Whether you are a drinker of whiskey, gin, vodka, or rum, there is a suitable mixer that can both stretch the lifespan of your spirit as well as enhance the taste. Most commonly, drinkers use mixers to dilute the harsh burn of strong spirits. This will also lower the alcohol by volume and allow a person to drink more. While cocktails are making a comeback, mixers have regained superior importance. When you consider the fact that your mixer can account for anywhere from 25%-75% of your drink, it is pivotal that the mixer is of good quality. Here’s a look...

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