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Wines for your Thanksgiving Table

Written by: Elizabeth McCabe

Wines for your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and around here, we are always just as excited to plan what we'll be drinking as what we'll be cooking. We've rounded up our top wine picks to take you through your Thanksgiving feast, from the cheese plate to the pumpkin pie. 

Bubbly, crisp whites, rosés, and light reds are your best choices for pairing with traditional Thanksgiving foods, but we are big fans of drinking what you like! So if you have your heart set on a rich red wine, drink what you enjoy and don't worry about the pairing. 

That said, we are also proponents of trying new things and expanding your horizons and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring a new wine to the table, where everyone can have a taste and share their thoughts. 

Here are some of our top picks for your Thanksgiving table:

Celebratory Sparkling

Domini Del Leone Col Fondo Prosecco
A drier Prosecco that's fruity and fragrant all at once. Made from the Glera grape, an ancient name for Prosecco, and from vines planted in both clay and chalk-based soils. The proximity of the vineyards to the sea lends this wine to being an ideal match with crustaceans or even raw and cured seafoods. Impressive Prosecco made with a thoughtful hand 16.99

Mariotti Sèt e Mèz Fortana dell Emilia Rosato 
fruit-forward, bright, with a fizzy, off-dry finish 18.99

Le Vigne de Alice Doro Prosecco 
nectarine, papaya, and clementine with refreshingly dry, fine and continuous bubbles 20.99

Crisp & Dry Whites         

Barry Family Cellars Jewels & Binoculars White Blend
light, off-dry, unique depth, natural & organic 16.99

Pedralonga Albarino Serea
white flowers, citrus zest, grapefruit, textured long finish - 16.99 

Natural Rosés

Schloos Gobelsburg Rose 
Loads of fruit show on the nose of this wine: green and red apple, strawberry and ample, zesty citrus. The palate is taut, fresh, dry and precise, shot through with appetizing fruity flavors. A wonderful, flavorsome rosé, with or without food 15.99

Azimut Cava Rosé 
Bone-dry, refreshing, organically produced bubbly full of fresh berry and citrus 15.99

Domaine Rimbert Petit Cochon Bronze Rosé 
vibrant pink, crushed red cherries, organic, one of our absolute favorite roses 14.99

Light & Juicy Reds

La Boutanche Gamay 1 Liter
Fresh-picked cherry and raspberry flavors mingle with subtle notes of black tea, tilled soil, and forest floor. A light, dry and chillable bottling of organic Beaujolais in a liter-sized bottle. Charming and sophisticated yet totally quaffable 22.99

Tensley Syrah Light 
natural & organic, light in body and full of life, fresh berries and spice 14.99

Domaine Dupeuble Pere Et Fil Beaujolais 
lush, layered, and bursting with dark rich fruits and crisp acidity, a natural and organic bottle perfect for Thanksgiving and holiday meals 15.99

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