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  • Cocktail Recipe: Germain & Gin

    Cocktail Recipe: Germain & Gin
    August's cocktail of the month features locally produced Alibi Gin and a craft mixer from Quince & Apple. Perfect for when you're feeling a little fancy.

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  • Cocktail Recipe: Owl's Manhattan

    Cocktail Recipe: Owl's Manhattan
    This twist on a traditional cocktail favorite features Owl's Brew Pink & Black -- a craft cocktail mixer made from fresh-brewed, organic Darjeeling tea, strawberry, and hibiscus.

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  • The power of the mixer

    The power of the mixer

    Whether you are a drinker of whiskey, gin, vodka, or rum, there is a suitable mixer that can both stretch the lifespan of your spirit as well as enhance the taste. Most commonly, drinkers use mixers to dilute the harsh burn of strong spirits. This will also lower the alcohol by volume and allow a person to drink more. While cocktails are making a comeback, mixers have regained superior importance. When you consider the fact that your mixer can account for anywhere from 25%-75% of your drink, it is pivotal that the mixer is of good quality. Here’s a look...

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  • Are craft mixers worth the extra buck?

    Are craft mixers worth the extra buck?

    With the advance of well-crafted cocktails, it only makes sense that premium mixers would become just as much a priority as the liquor in the cocktails. Luckily for cocktail aficionados and amateurs alike, the craft cocktail boom has made premium, unique mixers for your home bar more readily available. Premium craft mixers are essential for maintaining the quality of craft cocktails. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and that is especially true in the mixer aisle. The cheap mixers and sodas that crowd supermarket shelves are filled with synthetic sweeteners and artificial ingredients that...

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