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  • Author: Andrea Tudor, red wine, wine
  • Chillable Red Wines to Enjoy While the Weather is Still Warm

    Chillable Red Wines to Enjoy While the Weather is Still Warm

    Chillable Reds are perfect for late summer and early fall. They have the same refreshing thirst-quenching qualities of rosé, but with a bit more complexity and substance. The perfect accompaniment to anything charred on the grill and a staff favorite for pizza night, chillable reds are fun, casual, and made to be enjoyed today. You may normally think of red wine as intense, aged, and rich, but “chillable” reds aim for the opposite criteria: Low tannins Juicy & fruit-forward Refreshing acidity Light- or medium-bodied Little to no oak Low ABV Chilled red wine should be served around 50–60˚F, but you don’t...

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  • Author: Adam Sternberger, byob, natural wine, red wine, white wine, wine, wine pairing
  • Which Wines to Bring to a BYOB Restaurant

    Which Wines to Bring to a BYOB Restaurant

    BYOB restaurants (“BYOB” stands for “bring your own bottle") are an excellent way to dine out while avoiding high markups on your favorite drinks. The savings are especially noticeable if you want to treat yourself to a nicer bottle of wine or something off the beaten path. Read on for some of our top wine picks for BYOB dining.

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  • Author: Adam Sternberger, red wine, staff picks, wine
  • Red Wines Under $20: Where To Find The Best Bang For Your Buck

    Red Wines Under $20: Where To Find The Best Bang For Your Buck

    One of our favorite things about wine is that you can find great bottles at really affordable prices if you know where to look or who to ask. This collection is inspired by the latest New York Times 20 under $20 list. It features reds from all over the world--mostly from regions that are a little off the beaten path and by winemakers who believe the "less is more" approach to wine-making is the better route. Enjoy! Fattoria Rodano Chianti Classico This medium-bodied red comes from a small, artisanal estate nestled in a quiet Tuscan hillside. A classic choice for any Italian meal. $16.99/bt...

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  • 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

    2019 Holiday Gift Guide

    Ready, Set, Gift! Shop the holiday gift guide for everyone on your list. The Whiskey Connoisseur  Extra-large ice cubes keep drinks colder and prevent too much dilution. Pair this tray with their favorite bottle of whiskey for a gift that’s sure to impress. White Horse Reserve Bourbon ($44.99)   Peak Extra Large Ice Cube Tray ($14) Shop The Full Collection The Wine Lover  This is the first Zinfandel by famous winemaker Dave Phinney in 8 years! A perfect gift with a unique backstory for the wine lover in your life. Orin Swift 8 Years in the Desert ($44.99) “I Hope...

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  • Author: Adam Sternberger, christmas, entertaining, hanukkah, holiday, hosting, party, red wine, Rosé, thanksgiving, wine, wine pairing
  • Crowd Pleasing Wines For Your Holiday Party

    Crowd Pleasing Wines For Your Holiday Party

    So you’ve decided to serve wine at your holiday party, but where do you start? What kind should you get? How much should you buy? This guide will help you answer these questions and more. WHAT KIND OF WINE SHOULD I BUY?   Make yourself more interesting! A bottle of wine can be a great conversation piece at any event, so ask questions at your local shop.  When buying for a number of people and you don't know what they all drink, stay away from the extremes; think crowd appeal. Bubbly is a great palate cleanser and a festive way to...

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