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Red Wines Under $20: Where To Find The Best Bang For Your Buck

Written by: Adam Sternberger

Red Wines Under $20: Where To Find The Best Bang For Your Buck

One of our favorite things about wine is that you can find great bottles at really affordable prices if you know where to look or who to ask. This collection is inspired by the latest New York Times 20 under $20 list. It features reds from all over the world--mostly from regions that are a little off the beaten path and by winemakers who believe the "less is more" approach to wine-making is the better route.


Fattoria Rodano Chianti Classico

This medium-bodied red comes from a small, artisanal estate nestled in a quiet Tuscan hillside. A classic choice for any Italian meal.



Vina Zorzal Navarra Garnacha

This unoaked light red wine from the Navarra region of Spain is a steal at just $9.99 per bottle. It's made naturally using spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast.



Ampeleia Toscana Rosso Unlitro

Another terrific option from Tuscany, this natural and organic wine comes in a one-liter bottle and is a blend of varieties originating from the Mediterranean Basin.



Storm Point Red Blend

This medium-bodied, vivid red blend from South Africa is perfect for any season or any occasion. A true crowd-pleaser!



Hermanos de Pecina Senorio de P.Pecina Rioja Cosecha

This silky rich red from Spain is comprised mostly of Tempranillo from estate-owned vineyards that use organic and sustainable growing practices. Great for a cab drinker who wants to try something a little different.


Ver Sacrum Garnacha

If you enjoy a nice light pinot noir, this wine from Argentina is one you'll want to try.


*Prices listed above are correct as of 2/18/20 and are subject to change after that date.

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