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  • Cocktail Recipe: Black Cherry Bourbon Fizz

    Cocktail Recipe: Black Cherry Bourbon Fizz

    Ingredients Juice from one lime 1 ounce bourbon (we used Four Roses) Splash of black cherry soda (we used Boylan) Cocktail cherries (we used Egbert's) Instructions In a low ball glass add ice, lime juice, bourbon, and stir. Top with cherry soda. Add 3-4 dried cherries onto a cocktail pick and serve off the side of the cocktail glass.

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  • Cocktail Recipe: Owl's Manhattan

    Cocktail Recipe: Owl's Manhattan
    This twist on a traditional cocktail favorite features Owl's Brew Pink & Black -- a craft cocktail mixer made from fresh-brewed, organic Darjeeling tea, strawberry, and hibiscus.

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