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The Power of the Mixer

Written by: Dan Simnor

The Power of the Mixer

Whether you are a drinker of whiskey, gin, vodka, or rum, there is a suitable mixer that can both stretch the lifespan of your spirit as well as enhance the taste. Most commonly, drinkers use mixers to dilute the harsh burn of strong spirits. This will also lower the alcohol by volume and allow a person to drink more. While cocktails are making a comeback, mixers have regained superior importance. When you consider the fact that your mixer can account for anywhere from 25%-75% of your drink, it is pivotal that the mixer is of good quality. Here’s a look at some of the top mixers around and how we use them at White Horse Wine & Spirits:

Fever-Tree. These mixers provide top notch quality at an affordable price. Made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, Fever-Tree serves as the perfect partner for your spirit. The ginger beer makes for the ideal Moscow Mule or Dark’n’Stormy. Strong and natural ginger flavor masks the alcohol's heat while still making way for the characteristics of the spirit. Fever-Tree Tonic Water is the prime candidate for a great gin and tonic. This tonic is refreshing and clean with a hint of citrus. Garnish a gin and tonic with fresh cucumber or lime creating the quintessential summer cocktail.

Owl’s Brew. This unique tea-based mixer is fresh-brewed with spices, herbs, botanicals, and fruits. Each variety is specifically targeted to accompany vodka, whiskey, gin, wine, or even IPA beers. Calling for two parts brew and one part booze, Owl’s Brew makes it easy to impress with a complex but simply prepared cocktail. In addition, this mixer is low in calories and a great source of Vitamin C.

Powell & Mahoney Handcrafted Cocktail Mixers. Based on quality, consistency, and versatility, this array of mixers can transform any spirit or cocktail. They provide a new-age twist on traditional cocktails, replacing artificial flavors and preservatives with high-quality hand crafted ingredients. Powell & Mahoney has mixers specific for margaritas, mojitos, martinis, Bloody Mary’s, and just about every other cocktail imaginable. Cocktails are a simple solution to expanding the life of your favorite spirit, as well as changing up your normal drinking routine.

Cocktails should be created to the personal preference of the consumer, no matter how off the wall their taste inclination may be. There are no rules when making cocktails, so creativity is encouraged. A cocktail garnish adds appeal and color to your cocktails - try a lemon, lime, piece of fruit, or an olive for a classic approach or get creative with sprigs of herbs, pickled veggies, crispy bacon, or a cinnamon stick.

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