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Craft Brews on the Rise in NJ [2017 Edition]

Written by: Dan Simnor

Craft Brews on the Rise in NJ [2017 Edition]
The number of craft breweries in New Jersey has more than quadrupled over the past decade. Local consumers have been flooded with different beer options provided by passionate and competitive brewers. The success and exponential growth of the market prove that people will spend hard earned money on good beer. With 80 plus craft breweries embracing their Jersey pride with fresh and innovative products, the local beer scene is stronger than ever. 

NJs largest craft brewery, Flying Fish, paved the road for NJ beer production over 20 years ago. Currently occupying a former Motown Records vinyl pressing plant in Somerdale, they continue to build a solid reputation nationwide.

Cape May brewery took the crown for the People's Choice and Best NJ Brewery awards at the 2017 AC Beerfest. Cape May has produced over 100 beers in their 7 year lifespan and fans statewide savor their fresh repertoire of locally inspired beers. 

The craft beer movement set out to challenge consumers to appreciate taste. Recently, beer junkies are also focused on quality, which is largely based on ingredients and freshness. 

Carton Brewing is a favorite among White Horse staff and customers alike. Started by NJ native cousins, the 15 barrel brew house pumps out distinctive beers with bold flavors. The company's 077 IPA and various cream ales keep drinkers on their toes with exciting recipes and flavors.

Recent newcomer Double Nickel Brewery based in Pennsauken has been gaining buzz locally, especially for their tastings and tours, which feature a large, modern tap room. So far they have stuck to classic lagers, IPA's, pilsner, and stouts- making their beers an easy introduction into the craft world and drinkable for almost any occasion. 

Brotherton Brewing based in Shamong is the best kept secret in NJ, creating English inspired beers with unheralded quality. Coupled next to agricultural surroundings, Brotherton uses the freshest herbs, botanicals, and fruits to develop superb beer. Their cloudy, hearty products have been finding their way into local bars. Brotherton fans patiently await the day they can buy a pack of bottles or cans to bring on the go, but for the time being the grassroots brews can only be purchased in growlers or at the local watering hole.

When it comes to craft brews, beauty lies within the eyes of the beerholder. With New Jersey breweries constantly pushing out innovative and improved products, there is truly a great local beer for any type of drinker. Stop in White Horse Wine and Spirits and ask one of our beer gurus for something fresh and new! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for the weekly round up of the newest brews to hit our shelves! 

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