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The Spirits of New Jersey

Written by: Chad Umansky

The Spirits of New Jersey

New Jersey is experiencing a boom in the craft distillery business, with artisan distilleries turning out vodkas, bourbons, rums and moonshine at a record pace. This boost comes after a law passed in 2013 that lowered the cost of an artisan distiller permit from $12,500 per year to $938 per year for up to 20,000 gallons or about 640 barrels. This significant drop in price has allowed craft distilleries to pop up all over the state from Camden (Cooper River Distillers) to Fairfield (Claremont Distillery) and join the small batch producers of Jersey-made wine and beer in making a name for themselves in the spirits market. 

A few of these small batch, handcrafted Garden-State-made spirits are quickly making a name for themselves by using mostly locally produced fruits and grains to craft these products, making them truly "Jersey Fresh." One notable example is Claremont Distillery, who makes award winning vodka from locally grown potatoes. They also use their potato vodka combined with local Hammonton blueberries and peaches to make flavored versions that are fresh and delicious. Join us in store Saturday, October 15th at 7pm for a Spooky Spirits Craft Cocktail Class featuring Claremont Distillery, sign up online

Like wineries and breweries, many of these distilleries offer tours of the facilities along with tastings of what's inside their barrels. If you have the chance, we recommend visiting one or all of these up and coming distilleries! 

New Jersey Distilleries:
Tours and Tastings

Cooper River Distillery
Camden, NJ

Claremont Distillery
Fairfield, NJ

Cape May Distillery
Cape May, NJ

Jersey Spirits Distilling Company
Fairfield, NJ

Jersey Artisan Distilling
Fairfield, NJ

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