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Staff Picks: Wines We Love

Written by: Andrea Tudor

Staff Picks: Wines We Love

Shopping for wine can be difficult, especially when you don't quite know how to describe what you like. One easy way to shop for wine is by shopping from our staff picks - tried and true wines hand chosen by our employees. Here's what some of us are drinking these days:


Jo Landron Amphibolite Muscadet

This natural, organic wine from France is crisp and so satisfying. Drink with oysters or sushi for the ultimate experience!

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Lise et Bertrand Jousset Exile Blanc

This French wine is a blend of organic Chenin & Chardonnay grapes. It's crisp yet round with notes of apricot & citrus. Outside of the box and well worth a try!

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Underground Wine Project Mr. Pink Rose

This rose is perfect on a hot summer day by the pool or while sitting on the couch watching your favorite Quentin Tarantino movie. It has an awesome nose of citrus & strawberry. Nice balance, good acidity with a crisp finish of grapefruit and watermelon. Grab some goat cheese from The Market or pair with BBQ.

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Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois Beaujolais

This organic Gamay blend is light, fruity, and easy-going with notes of ripe red fruit (think strawberries & raspberries). It has a nice acidity with a few earthy tones. Pair it with Brie or Beemster XO Aged Gouda, or better yet, order a cheese box from The Market because this is a perfect picnic wine!

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Olga Raffault Chinon Barnabes

A beautiful garnet in your glass with aromas of raspberry jam and blackberries. Flavors of black currant and savory herbs with a subtle dryness. Pair with an earth blue cheese, onion jam, mixed nuts, or smoky Idiazabal.

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Vin de Days Blanc

A blend of 5 white grapes, this natural & organic wine has many flavors. I get nectarine, peach, golden raisin, and a little toast. Pair with a soft cheese, some jam, and crackers, or cake... Definitely cake!

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Mother Rock Force Celeste Chenin Blanc

Winemaker Johan Meyer (AKA "Stompie") has created a wine as cool as his nickname. This unfiltered natural wine is full of life and energy. Sour green apple leads the way to a dry and herbaceous end. Try something funky and new while creating a more interesting you!

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Julien Braud Forty Ounce Rose

Don't be offset by the forty ounces or the screw cap -- this French rose is dynamite. Dry, light, and refreshing -- perfect for your end of summer poolside shindig or beach day with the crew. Don't forget to grab a cheese picnic box from The Market to bring along. Cheers!

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Olivares Tinto Red Blend

Red fresh fruit up front with notes of cherries. Great for solo sipping, with a cheese picnic box, or a Boxer sandwich from The Market.

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Bodegas Frontaura Torquemada Tempranillo

Must try Spanish red! Rich, ripe fruit up front with notes of leather and oak on the finish. Great with grilled food or a smoked Gouda from The Market. 

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Learn about the rest of the team and see their picks here.

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