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The Great Pumpkin Race: Fall Beers To Try [2016 Edition]

Written by: Chad Umansky

The Great Pumpkin Race: Fall Beers To Try [2016 Edition]

We know, we know... you're still trying to hold on to those last few summer beach days and you're being bombarded by pumpkin-spice lattes and Halloween decorations. While we're not fans of pumpkin spice and everything nice emerging well ahead of the unofficial start of fall, we can make an exception for pumpkin beers, one of the hottest beer categories in the craft movement.

The majority of pumpkin beers are released to stores during the last week of August, which means in order to get it brewed, bottled, and shipped to your favorite store, it was made sometime in the middle of July-- and early September is your time to stock up! If you don’t get your favorite when you see it (even though you may not be in the pumpkin spirit yet) it will be gone from the shelf before you know it, leaving you out of luck in October when the leaves start falling and you're ready to enjoy some festive fall beer. Last week, we got in our first shipment of pumpkin beers, stop in or check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what's fresh on the shelves!

Top 5 Pumpkin Beers That Sell Out Fast

Schlafly, Pumpkin Ale           

    Schlafly          Lancaster         Southern Tier      Saucony Creek          Fegley's
Pumpkin Ale    Baked Pumpkin     Pumpking         Maple Mistress    Devious Pumpkin


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