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Tips For Hosting A Whiskey Tasting At Home

Written by: Allegra Oehmsen

Tips For Hosting A Whiskey Tasting At Home

Choose Your Approach

The two simplest ways to plan your selection is by either laying out different whiskey variations, like a Bourbon, a Tennessee whiskey, rye whiskey, and a scotch to capture, compare and contrast all the varying flavor profiles OR conversely, sample one particular style across different distilleries, ages, or regions, and pick up on more subtle nuances.

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Arrange the Whiskeys in Order

Keep smokier, stronger flavors and higher proof selections towards the end of your tasting so you don’t blow out your palate right off the bat.


Use Proper Glassware.

It makes a difference! Using proper glassware will enhance the actual tasting experience and make the whole thing feel more like an outing. 

Take Notes

Taste the whiskey first, write down some notes, then share your thoughts with the group. Taste is very subjective, after all, and being able to form your own opinions without outside influences makes for a more lively discussion because it allows everyone to compare and contrast. 

Plus, by jotting down tasting notes as you go, you can refer back to them throughout the night,  and you won’t forget the name of your favorite bottle when you head to your local liquor store to buy it.


Don’t Forget Snacks!

Foods with smoky or caramel notes will enhance the tasting experience. Think: hard aged cheeses, bacon, toffee, maple-glazed nuts, etc. You can pair each snack with one of the whiskeys, or you can keep things more casual and simply arrange everything on a platter and nibble as you go!


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  • Thank you! This is a great idea. Miss the Whiskey Club, but this is a different alternative to tasting the whiskeys. I saw this on the FB page where Dan has posted the link. Arranging the whiskey in order is great as well as the proper glassware. White Horse rocks at sharing this information. Thanks

    Helen Friedlander on

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