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Summer Entertaining Tips

Written by: Andrea Tudor

Summer Entertaining Tips
Planning to fire up the grill soon?

You might be slowly expanding your social circle and itching to have your friends over for a summer meal. Whether you're looking for easy hosting ideas or menu inspiration, we’ve got you covered with these summer entertaining tips:

Keep the sides simple

Serve ready-to-eat dishes that make it easy for your guests to help themselves without having to share utensils, like grilled skewers and watermelon slices. Choose foods that you can prep (or better yet, order) ahead of time.

Serve a balanced menu

Opt for light, fresh, and healthy apps & sides to accompany those hot and heavy grilled items. Cucumber tomato salad, light pasta salads, and vegetable platters are all great choices.

Serve a pitcher cocktail

Wine & beer are easy self-serve items, but a quality cocktail can kick things up a notch. For those who don’t want to play bartender all night, pitcher cocktails are a host's best friend. We recommend trying this Tequila Spritz.

Embrace the can

If a pitcher cocktail isn't right for your crowd, or it just isn't your style, there are lots of great wine and cocktail options available in single-serve cans. West & WilderRamonaCanteenTwo Chicks, and Underwood all offer quality options.

Help guests feel safe

If you're hosting people at your house, help them feel safe and secure about visiting you. Social distancing is still in effect, after all, and everyone is operating within their own comfort zones.

Have disinfecting wipes available in your bathroom. Offer single-serving snacks rather than a communal bowl. Don’t take it personally if someone wants to bring their own food & utensils. Paying attention to details and taking individual needs into account makes your guests feel seen and valued.

We’re operating in uncharted territory here, so don’t be afraid to have an open and honest conversation with your guests beforehand to gauge everyone’s expectations. You want people to feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

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