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BBQ-Friendly Wines for Summer

Written by: Adam Sternberger

BBQ-Friendly Wines for Summer

Summer is the time to break out the coals, and wine plays a central and important part in rounding off the perfect barbecue. Whether you're looking to pair with classic barbecue dishes or the array of salads, sides, and condiments that come with them, these four BBQ-friendly wines will have you covered.

Klinker Brick Zinfandel

 Rich Red Wine

This rustic Zinfandel tastes of jammy blackberries and has a lasting spicy finish. The umami flavor of grilled meat (especially pork) will balance out the tannins of this rich red wine. Plan on serving a cheese plate? This wine also pairs well with Midnight Moon aged goat gouda


Colossal Reserva

 Medium Red Wine

A big wine for a small price, this Portuguese red blend is rich, silky, and full of flavors of blackberry and spice. Pair it with spiced chicken, Carolina-style BBQ sauce, or a nice wedge of drunken goat cheese with blackberry jam.


Pico Maccario Lavignone Rosato

 Dry Rosé

This very well-balanced summer rosé is great with grilled seafood, chicken, fresh vegetables, and cold pasta salads with fresh Jersey tomatoes. It's smooth, silky, and dry with a light fruit taste. 


Clean Slate Riesling

 Light White Wine

Clean Slate Riesling

With peach undertones and subtle minerality, this crisp and refreshing riesling is great with grilled shrimp, chicken, and pork -- especially when served with a glazed sauce to complement with wine's subtle sweetness. Also serves as a great contrast to spicy sauces and rubs like St. Lucifer Spice or locally made Hank Sauce.



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