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Recognizing Women's History Month

Written by: Allegra Oehmsen

How will you honor and celebrate women this March? 

March is Women's History Month. This designation serves as a reminder for us to commemorate and encourage the study and observation of the vital role of women in US and global history. It's an important time to recognize women's contributions and uplift women and those who identify as women around the world. Here are some ways you and your family can celebrate from home this year:

Listen to, read, and watch diverse stories 
Dive deep into women's literature, and read up or otherwise educate yourself on the plight of women around the world. If reading books & novels, mix up classic and contemporary, fiction, and nonfiction from different authors of all walks of life. Have fun with films by focusing on women heroines and watching the work of women writers & directors.

Support women entrepreneurs and businesses
Shop businesses in your local community and online that are women-owned, donate to your local Women's Business Development Center, share inspiring stories of female business owners, & your own experiences as a woman in business. Try women-owned restaurants and coffee shops (most places have takeout available!) Support the business by tipping well and thank the owner if you see her. 

Use Social Media
Shout out, tag, and share your favorite businesses, share local woman led or educational events and workshops, support female artists and entrepreneurs, uplift other women, and focus on putting out positive messaging. 

Invest in women's health
Women’s access to healthcare and their ability to achieve good health are measures of gender equality and basic human rights. This entails social norms that value women and girls’ health; availability of quality healthcare options; and autonomy and informed choice for women and girls, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. 

Support organizations that benefit and serve women
Volunteer, donate, and share the message of organizations that support women and those who identify as women. 

Get familiar with current women's issues 
Although women have made great strides, it is so important to be aware of gender inequality and the issues that remain. Let's not forget there is still a wage gap and discrimination during the hiring process, women face workplace harassment, hate crimes against trans women run rampant, and women are  constantly finding themselves fighting for their reproductive rights. Educating yourself on these issues (and more!) will help you stand up for women and promote equality.

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