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  • Fill in the blanc: the many styles of Sauvignon Blanc

    Fill in the blanc: the many styles of Sauvignon Blanc

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  • Fresh breads at White Horse

    Fresh breads at White Horse

    We take pride in the products we carry and the ingredients we use and the breads we bring in are no exception. We feature two bakeries at White Horse, LeBus Bakery of Philadelphia and Hammerbacher of Egg Harbor City. LeBus Bakery has built a reputation in the Philadelphia area based on a great selection of artisan baked goods made with quality ingredients. LeBus delivers freshly baked breads to our door every morning, all made with non-GMO flour. If you haven't picked up one of their baguettes from the Market, you are missing out. Sliced up or simply ripped into pieces,...

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    • Written by: Elizabeth McCabe

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  • Are craft mixers worth the extra buck?

    Are craft mixers worth the extra buck?

    With the advance of well-crafted cocktails, it only makes sense that premium mixers would become just as much a priority as the liquor in the cocktails. Luckily for cocktail aficionados and amateurs alike, the craft cocktail boom has made premium, unique mixers for your home bar more readily available. Premium craft mixers are essential for maintaining the quality of craft cocktails. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and that is especially true in the mixer aisle. The cheap mixers and sodas that crowd supermarket shelves are filled with synthetic sweeteners and artificial ingredients that...

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  • 6 Wines to Drink this Summer

    6 Wines to Drink this Summer

    There's nothing like a chilled glass of wine at the end of a hot summer day. A good summer wine should be light and crisp to refresh you in the hot weather, but it should also be versatile enough to be brought to the beach or enjoyed with grilled fished or BBQ. Vinho verde and rose wines are the stars this summer, shining bright above the rest for their crisp, refreshing taste and wallet-friendly price points. Vinho Verde, a Portuguese white blend that is crisp and clean with just a touch of bubbly, is a perfect summer wine. If you...

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  • Summer Olympics cocktail!

    Summer Olympics cocktail!

    The Olympic Games are coming up in August and you've got to have something cool and easy to go down while watching the games. The Olympic Passion cocktail, made to look like the torch, is made with Brazilian spirits such as the Organic Cuca Cachaca (A Brazilian White Rum) and Passoa, Passion Fruit Liqueur. This easy drinking cocktail is the perfect way to cool off and enjoy the games. If you are having friends and family over to watch the game, just increase the amounts and make a pitcher sized serving fit for a crowd. WHAT YOU NEED 1 Bottle...

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