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Loki Delta 9 Yuzu 4pk Can 16oz

Loki Delta 9 Yuzu 4pk Can 16oz

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Elevate your seltzer experience with LOKI's Yuzu flavor. A burst of exotic citrus, this cannabis seltzer introduces a zesty charm like no other. Crafted with a fun 5mg THC twist, it's a refreshing blend that showcases the best in cannabis seltzer innovation. Dive into the vibrant world of LOKI and let Yuzu light up your taste buds. Sporting a mere five calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars, all underpinned by natural flavors, LOKI's taste stakes its claim as the crown jewel of cannabis seltzers. But words alone can't capture the essence; dive into the LOKI experience or explore glowing testimonials in our Cannabis Seltzer Reviews.

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