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G E Massenez Pear Brandy

G E Massenez Pear Brandy

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Bottle Size: 750 mL

By Definition, An Eau-De-Vie (“Water Of Life”) Is A Spirit Which Is Distilled From The Fermented Mash Of Fruit. G.E. Massenez Uses Only Choice, Ripe, Hand-Picked Fruit. Prisonere Pear Captivates With Its Olfactory And Gustative Qualities And The Pear-Shaped Bottle With A Whole Pear Inside. The Bottle Is Simply Attached To The Pear Tree In Flower… So The Fruit Develops Inside The Bottle. When It Ripens, The Fruit And The Bottle Are Carefully Detached.Williams Pear Eau-De-Vie From The Massenez Distillery Is Outstandingly Refined, Concentrated And Balanced. An Intense Emotion True To The Personality Of The Original Fruit.

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