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Loki Delta 8 16oz Can

Loki Delta 8 16oz Can

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Dive into LOKI's captivating fusion in the cannabis seltzer realm. Lavender's calming essence marries perfectly with the juicy allure of peach, forging a refreshing escape synonymous with summer. As with our original, expect a distinctive buzz, setting the gold standard for cannabis seltzers everywhere.

Powered by 20MG of Delta 8 — Loki Delta 8 is proud to lead the cannabis seltzer evolution.

Sporting a mere five calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars, all underpinned by natural flavors, LOKI's taste stakes its claim as the crown jewel of cannabis seltzers. But words alone can't capture the essence; dive into the LOKI experience or explore glowing testimonials in our Delta 8 Seltzer Reviews.

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