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Crotonese Aged Wheel

Crotonese Aged Wheel

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Crotonese comes from Calabria in southern Italy. It is sweet, salty cheese with pecorino flavour. It is made from pasteurised sheep’s milk in woven moulds. Usually, from January to June this cheese is produced as during sheep milk is best and the amount is plenty. In this period rich milk of sheep contains a natural oil which makes the surface of cheese a little bit oily. It is produced in four-pound wheels. This cheese is best as snacks cheese and also used for presentation due to ribbed pattern rind. It can be used by grating on pasta, soups and casseroles and slices into grilled sandwiches and salads. It is excellent with Barbera, fruity Sardinian red and also Pinto Noir. This cheese is a perfect partner with Brunello wine

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