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Woodstock Brown Sugar

Woodstock Brown Sugar

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Organic Pantry. Eat because it's good! Purely sweet! Naturally sweet fine crystals. Keep calm and sugar on! Go ahead and feel good about the sugar in your life with Woodstock's lineup of organic sugars. All are vegan (hooray!) and minimally processed to retain that pure natural sweetness you're looking for. Your pantry will thank you and your recipes will too!

Woodstock celebrates foods that make you feel great about what you buy, eat, and serve your family. Their ingredients are simple, satisfying, and are farmed from sources you can trust. Woodstocks team has been at it for over 30 years bringing passion for organic, Non-GMO, and totally delicious food to the table.

Keep it Simple: Their organic brown sugar is a softer, one grain sugar with a delicate molasses flavor. It’s the perfect ingredient for your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, topping for hot cereal or even a homemade body scrub! Sweet! If sugar hardens, wrap a wet paper towel around it and heat in short increments. Check frequently and remove when soft.

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