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Burlap & Barrel: Smoked Pimenton Paprika

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Burlap & Barrels' rich, sweet Smoked Pimentón Paprika comes from a protected region in Western Spain, where sweet red peppers have been grown and smoked for centuries. Fresh peppers are slowly dried over oak coals, which imbue them with a rich, smoky flavor that imparts a savory depth and gorgeous color. Use it to add depth and complexity to pasta sauce or chili, use it as a rub for grilled or roasted meats, or sprinkle it over sauteed veggies.

This paprika comes from the Extremadura region, famous for pimentón de la vera, which has a Designation of Protected Origin status from the European Union.

Create a better world when you cook with single origin spices from Burlap & Barrel, a public benefit corporation that puts farmers first. This sustainable brand focuses on protecting workers rights by sourcing only from small farms, as well as making all aspects of the product chain transparent and traceable.

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