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A Field Guide to Cheese

A Field Guide to Cheese

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Everything you need to know about the world's great cheeses, including how they're made, their universe of flavors, origins, and terroir.

Organized by type, the book features more than 400 cheeses worth knowing--from fresh cheese and pressed cheese to blue cheese, soft cheese, and spreadable cheese. Each includes an identifying illustration, nuts and bolts like the type of milk and fat content, and a brief, memorable description.

Readers will find unexpected cheeses that are best for melting (Hush llsost), best for serving solo (Bovski Sir), and even the stinkiest (pick up some Allg uer Weisslacker and see what company thinks). Includes dozens of maps; an aroma wheel to help refine your palate; a guide to composing cheese boards; tips for pairing with wine, beer, whiskey, cider; and so much more.

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