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Morning Meditations Book

Morning Meditations Book

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Boost your clarity, focus and creativity with morning meditation. This stunning book is the perfect introduction to meditation and why it is so beneficial and effective in the morning.

Studies have shown that people who develop a morning meditation practice find it easier to stay focused and energized through the day, are less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks and are more adept at warding off stress and anxiety.

Included are tips on how to develop a practice, essential oils to energize you in the morning, simple breathwork, stretches and focus journaling as well as good morning tea blends.

The meditations included are designed to encourage clarity and energy for the day ahead, with weekend morning meditations to help let go of the week and explore bigger questions. Mantras are used to help bring awareness to particular words and phrases to set you off on a positive path for the day ahead, intention setting and guided visualizations for boosting energy, finding focus and summoning creativity.

Morning meditations include:
*Morning dew
*Birds soaring
*Tree grounding
*The mist clears
*Dream big
*Through the eye of the telescope
*Engaging the solar plexus
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