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Rummo Pasta: Rigatoni

Rummo Pasta: Rigatoni

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A family company since 1836, Rummo pasta makers believe that slow food is good food. Through seven distinct production phases, from root to retail, they offer pastas made with the greatest attention to detail and Old World tradition.

The purest mountain water, the best select wheat flour, a bronze molding and slow drying according to tradition. Only then can one be at the level of one of the most classic and appreciated cuts of the wide Italian gastronomy. Rigatoni is the most widespread and versatile short pasta, since both its oblique cut and its ridged surface help to capture the flavors and preserve them until the moment of tasting. With meat and tomato, with vegetables and cheeses, alla amatriciana, alla arrabiata or baked gratin, each recipe will be a tribute to flavor

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