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Wine for Normal People Book

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Wine for Normal People is a down-to-earth resource for anyone seeking an introduction to the world of wine (and a good book for people also looking to get more detailed info in a straightforward, easy to understand way!) It took author Elizabeth Schneider a LONG time to finish it, but it’s beautiful, well-researched, and, of course, full of solid information, snark, and opinions, just like her podcast!

What can you expect from the book?

  • Explanations of wine vocabulary (including how to taste), how wine gets its flavor, and a quickie tour to making wine (with the factors that actually matter called out) — no afterthoughts or back of the book glossary because these terms are essential in fully understanding the wine world

  • A trip around the wine world!

    • A discussion of the Old and New World and classification systems

    • A drill down into every major country in both worlds, and a pretty detailed dive into the communes of France, regions of Italy, the AVAs of California, and info on stuff from Georgia to Slovenia to Lebanon to Canada! You can go as dorky and detailed or as general as you want

  • Practical advice on how to shop for wine in a store or restaurant, very detailed (but not prescriptive) food and wine pairing information, tips on travel and serving temperatures

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