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Cocktails with a Twist Book

Cocktails with a Twist Book

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Cocktails with a Twist features more than 100 variations on 21 classic cocktail recipes.

Each chapter is based on a classic cocktail with gatefolds that open to reveal numerous riffs on each drink.

The gatefold pages explore modern variations on time-honored drinks, like the Manhattan—for example, swap Irish whiskey for rye to make a Blackthorn, or substitute amaro for vermouth to make a Black Manhattan.

  • Includes helpful tips on keeping a well-stocked bar

  • Features advice on garnishing drinks and throwing a party

  • Helps readers build on their go-to cocktail order and discover new favorites

Cocktails with a Twist is a highly accessible and bold book for cocktail enthusiasts who want to experiment with new flavors and sharpen their bartending skills.

Expand your palate and discover new favorite drinks with this inventive cocktail book.

A great gift for Mother's or Father's Day, a 21st birthday, a housewarming party, or a stocking stuffer.

Features a gorgeous foil cover, making it perfect to display on a home bar or bar cart.


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