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4Piece Stainless Steel Barware Set

4Piece Stainless Steel Barware Set

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The Fortify™ barware set by True is everything you need to show off your bartending skills. It some of the most used bar tools out there so you can craft any cocktail or shot. 

Complete with a cobbler style shaker, double jigger, Hawthorne strainer, and spoon that doubles as a muddler, this stainless steel set includes all the barware essentials. With these tools, you can make shaken or stirred cocktails with ease. Perfect for outfitting a new house or apartment, or as a gift for any cocktail enthusiast.
  • 4 piece set (includes shaker, spoon, jigger, and strainer)

  • Spoon doubles as a muddler

  • Includes all barware basics

  • Makes a great gift!

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