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Di Bruno Provolone Chianti Spread

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Super-sharp provolone partnered with bold red wine. The wine may color this spread with a prom-dress hue, but this Provolone & Chianti DB Cheese Spread brings serious flavor. An Italian Market staple from the DB Specialty Cheese collection, sharp provolone brings its characteristic punch, clinging to the deep, bright tones of Chianti.

What a provolone delivery system! Wrap lettuce leaves and slices of salami (we recommend Molineri’s Sweet Toscano or Finocchiona) around dollops of this spread for hoagie-flavored bites, or spread it right onto your hoagie-proper! The sweet notes of the wine make this especially nice to serve beside ripe pears and tart apples, or fresh figs and Concord grapes.

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