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Mitica Orange Delights: Chocolate Covered Oranges

Mitica Orange Delights: Chocolate Covered Oranges

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These sweet little treats are like a slice of heaven dipped in silky chocolate. Brothers Jose, Manuel, and Fernando have continued the family tradition making chocolate dating back to their grandfather's time in Calatayud, Spain.  The brothers use fresh oranges from neighboring Valencia that are candied and then dipped in Caro's 55% dark chocolate. Each orange slice is cooked in syrup and then hand-dipped to help achieve a 50% orange and 50% chocolate ratio for the ultimate indulgence.

  • 4.9 ounces
  • Candied delicias de Naranja are Valencia oranges dipped in Spanish 55% dark chocolate
  • Ideal for small treats throughout the day or light desserts
  • Topping for ice cream, gelato, cakes, sundaes, and sweet creams
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