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Kelchners Horseradish

Kelchners Horseradish

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Wholesome roots harvested at the very peak of flavor, the result is a bold but refined natural flavor


  • Serve with Prime Rib and other meats straight up or mixed with sour cream and pepper
  • Spread over a roast beef sandwich straight up or mixed with mayo
  • Spice up a Bloody Mary
  • Mix into your mashed potatoes


  • Mix with peanut butter and serve on crackers
  • Mix with cream cheese and spread over Lebanon bologna
  • Mix with cottage cheese and cracked black pepper and serve with Ruffles potato chips
  • Mix into hummus and serve with pita chips
  • Add new heat dimension and flavor to salsa or guacamole
  • Mix into deviled eggs
  • Add to salad dressings for extra zip
  • Mix with cranberry sauce for turkey
  • Add to applesauce and serve with pork chops
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