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Saint Lucifer Spice 2.4Oz

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Few things tempt the palate like the thrill of heat. Just a touch can turn even the simplest morsel into a merciless delight. Such is the promise of St. Lucifer Spice. A masterful blend of garlic, salt, vinegar and fiery habanero peppers. Together, they work to unleash the hidden pleasures of any food. The Taste. There is no denying St. Lucifer is hot. But it is a beckoning heat, not an overwhelming one. Carefully crafted to bring a wicked delight to every bite you take.

The Texture. We are a dry spice, not a wet sauce. So we will not ruin the visual integrity of the plate. But rather work with it to enhance the flavor of the food.

The Temptation. Our goal is to become as ubiquitous as salt and pepper. A staple of the table and a desired addition to any meal.

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