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Hank Hot Sauce Cilanktro

Hank Hot Sauce Cilanktro

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Three local guys started slinging this all natural hot sauce and after a few years of guerrilla marketing and farmers market tastings, Hank Sauce has become a sensation. Made with all natural ingredients from a group of great guys. You have to try this sauce! This unique sauce is sure to be unlike anything you’ve had before. A hefty dose of FRESH cilantro creates a flavorful blend that mixes perfectly into Southwest and Mexican style foods. Add it to your favorite tacos, burritos, salsa and guacamole, or mix it with sour cream for a dipping sauce like no other. The natural bite of garlic and cilantro is perfect for grilled veggies or seafood kabobs; especially when mixed with cocktail or tartar sauce. Don’t forget the greens! Sprinkle Cilanktro over your favorite salads or mix it with honey mustard dressing for something smooth and spicy!

Ingredients- Cayenne peppers, garlic, vinegar, cilantro, butter, salt, xanthan gum.

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