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About Our Ingredients

Our kitchen items are made from scratch using locally sourced, natural, and organic ingredients whenever possible. Have a question about where one of our products comes from? Just ask! We aim to be open, honest, and transparent in all of our interactions, and understand the importance of knowing what you are consuming. 

Here is a little bit about some of our more commonly used ingredients & products:

Organic Salmon 
Wester Ross uses no antibiotics, growth promoters or GMOs. Their farms are medicine-free and with very low stocking densities (99% water, 1% fish) and a minimal handling at sea policy. They ensure a slowly grown and naturally healthy fish; time after time.

All Natural Chicken
FreeBird® is devoted to raising high-quality poultry that tastes great and is good for the Earth.

Local Microgreens
Our Eastbound Microgreens are grown locally in New Gretna, NJ and harvested weekly.

Freshly Baked Bread
For retail purchase and used to prepare our sandwiches, every loaf of LeBus bread is still shaped by hand. European recipes, natural ingredients, and the craftmanship of artisan bakers give each loaf a crackling crust, robust flavor, and earthy aroma.

All Natural Turkey
All animals are raised in accordance with Plainville Farms humane policy of raising poultry and pork on family farms in a stress-free environment to the highest standards. Strictly maintain their animal welfare program which is designed to enforce humane and responsible treatment of all. Uses globally-recognized animal welfare practices from farm to harvest. 

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