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$99 Red/White Wine Case v.49

$99 Red/White Wine Case v.49

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Bottle Size: 750 mL


We bring you another $99 wine case, well worth the price. This case is perfect to fill that wine rack with 6 bottles of Red wine, 5 bottles of white white and 1 dry rose while taking you on a trip around the world!

Every wine in this case is staff tasted and approved. A couple of staff favorites are:

  • Domaine Rimbert For Me Merlot: This French natural red uses the merlot grape. It is ruby to the eye and carries light berries on the front with a smooth silky finish. To me, exactly what Merlot should be. Pair with a nice hearty soup from the Market.
  • Colossal Reserva: Portugal over-delivering again with this rich silky red full of blackberry and spice. A big wine for a small price!

The concept behind this case is to get you out of your rut of always drinking the same wine. There are so many amazing wines out there at affordable prices, but you just need to explore. Taste them all and mark which ones you like best. The case also includes write-ups on each wine and food pairings for each wine.

Enjoy, and remember, this makes a great gift! Qualifies for Free Local Delivery (send it to a friend).

White Wines:

  • Briganti Pinot Grigio (12.5%){Light, Dry White} Veneto, Italy
  • Famiglia Bianchi Chardonnay (12.5%){Light, Dry White} Mendoza, Argentina
  • Jean Paul Cuvee Bianco (12.5%){Light, Dry White} Rhone, France
  • Bodegas Y Vinedos Casa Sauvignon Blanc (11.5%){Light, Dry White} Jumilla, Spain
  • Wonderful Wine Co. Chardonnay (13.5%)(Light, Dry White) California, Ca

Red Wines:

  • Colossal Reserva (14%){Medium, Dry Red} Lisboa, Portugal
  • Sand Creek Red Blend (14%){Medium, Dry Red} Portugal
  • Wonderful Wine co. Cabernet Sauvignon (13.5%){Rich, Dry Red} California, Ca
  • Domaine Rimbert For Me Merlot (13%){Medium, Dry Red} Languedoc, France
  • Chateau d'Oupia Heretiques (13.5%){Medium, Dry Red} Southwest, France
  • Jean Paul Cuvee Rouge (13.5%){Medium, Dry Red} Rhone, France

    Rose Wine:

    • Chateau Guilhem Rose (11%){Dry, Rose} Languedoc, France

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