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Made from pasteurized goat's milk and imported from Spain, it's phenomenally creamy, thick, and dense. Leonora is lemony & herbal, slightly tart, and oh-so- lush. For a real treat, allow it to reach room temperature and serve as a dessert cheese with a drizzle of honey and a glass of Azimut Cava

Named for its home region, Leonora® is a prime example of the recent renaissance in Spanish cheesemaking. Oscar Fernando Marcos Gonzalez created the soft-ripened, brick-shaped cheese, loosely basing it on a traditional cheese from Galicia known as Babia and Laciana. He sources his milk from 2 farms, always from Murciana goats, and helps create the cheese’s signature bright, lemony flavor through the process of lactic fermentation. The lush cheese balances complexity, acidity, and richness, with a mushroomy creamline that develops as the cheese ripens.

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