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Matiz Romesco

Matiz Romesco

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Who would have thought that you could bottle Spain! Matiz Catalan Romesco sauce is made from a traditional recipe and all natural products that have been used in Mediterranean kitchens for centuries. This sauce is wonderful on meat, seafood, and vegetables – cook with it, use it as a dip, or spread it on sandwiches. Matiz Romesco is gluten free, unlike most romesco sauces that are made with bread crumbs. Moli de Pomeri was founded in 1991 with the express aim of producing the highest quality all natural traditional Catalan products and using ingredients that support the traditional agrarian lifestyle in Catalonia and throughout Spain. Moli de Pomeri cultivates about 15% of the raw ingredients themselves, using organic methods, focusing on the ingredients that are difficult to find in the market at the quality they demand. But because their main focus is the elaboration of sauces and not cultivation, they purchase the rest of the ingredients according to strict quality guidelines from local farmers and co- ops in Catalonia or elsewhere in Spain
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