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Vermont Shelburne Cheddar 2 Year

Vermont Shelburne Cheddar 2 Year

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Aged for a minimum of 2 years, this raw cow's milk cheese has the classic Vermont cheddar cheese profile...acid forward sharpness, some minerality, and sweetness on the back end. Great to snack on any time of year, but especially during apple picking season and deep winter days.

Tasting Notes

The texture of Shelburne’s two-year cheddar is dense, pleasantly moist, and slightly crumbly with occasional fissures. The interior paste ranges from a pale straw color in cheeses that are made with winter milk through to a brighter golden yellow for cheeses made during the summer. Flavors are mellow, full, sweet and buttery. It has a lengthy finish and achieves a great balance of flavors without being overly assertive.


Pair it with an IPA, a strong mustard, or with sourdough bread. 

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