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Roberta's Wood Fired Pizza, Baby Sinclair (Spinach) Pie

Roberta's Wood Fired Pizza, Baby Sinclair (Spinach) Pie

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Shortly after founding Roberta's in 2008, the owners dreamed of one day making a frozen pizza that didn't stray far from the oven fresh pizzas they were making in the restaurant. After much research and development, their dream is finally realized.

This pizza is unlike any other frozen pizza on the market - truly wood-fired and hand-made from the same fresh dough, tomatoes, basil, olive oil and house made mozzarella we use in the restaurant.

The pizzas are blast chilled then vacuum packed in a see-through, low mass bag, which proudly displays the exceptional quality and integrity you've come to expect from Roberta's. No tricks, no gimmicks, all real, Roberta's Frozen Pizza is in a class by itself. 

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