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Yolélé Fonio African Supergrain

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Serve just like rice or couscous. It's great when tossed with chopped fruit, grape tomatoes, herbs, citrus, olive oil, and a little minced onion.

  • Essential nutrients in grain that has a fluffy texture and nutty flavor

  • Easy to digest and completely gluten-free

  • Grows with little water, making it a perfect cash crop for farmers hit by drought

10oz bag

When you buy fonio, you're helping some of the world's most vulnerable people make a living from their scarce resources.

Yolele was created with the goal of fighting poverty in rural West Africa by supporting its farmers. Fonio cultivation represents a step forward for agriculture in the region. It’s a crop that grows with little water and other resources, making it a strong solution for a region hit hard by the effects of climate change.

The company structured its business model to have a positive impact on the West African communities that grow their fonio. To ensure this, it has a partnership with SOS Sahel, an African NGO that has been operating in the region since the 1970s. SOS Sahel holds Yolele accountable by checking for growth in per capita income and employment in fonio growing areas. As a part of the partnership, Yolele also donates 1% of all sales to SOS Sahel’s community funds.

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