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Tait Farm Beet Shrub

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This Beet Shrub is made from organic, Pennsylvania grown beets. The resulting magenta-colored shrub is earthy and very unique. It is perfect for making mocktails and cocktails, and pairs nicely with warming spirits like bourbon and Scotch. When mixed with gin or vodka, it imparts it’s more vegetal character. Beet Shrub also makes a fabulous vinaigrette when mixed with a little olive oil, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. 


What is a shrub? 

History in a glass! This all-natural, sweet-tart mixer adds a burst of fresh fruit flavor to your favorite drink. The true essence of fresh fruit is perfectly captured and preserved in vinegar, just like it has been done for centuries. Shrub’s versatile nature enhances all libations, from craft and classic cocktails to alcohol-free artisan mocktails. Added to plain seltzer it makes a refreshing alternative to sugary soda. Shrub is a taste from the past brought to today’s modern palate.

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