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Rare Wine Co Charleston Sercial Madeira

Rare Wine Co Charleston Sercial Madeira

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Bottle Size: 750 mL
Region: Portugal

These are the most affordable, representative examples of classic Madeira available. A collaboration between the importer and Barbeito's Ricardo Diogo Vasconcelos Freitas, the idea behind these bottlings is to capture some of the magic of vintage Madeira: the beautiful aromas, intensity of flavor and, most importantly, the acidity. Given the fact that 1.5 to 3 ounces is a sufficient pour, and that once opened, these simply will not go bad, these are among the best deals we have in the store for those looking for a truly unique addition to add to the cellar (as well as drinking rotation)! Sercial is the driest of the Madeira grapes. While there is still a hint of sweetness, as well as richness given the extended ageing and glycerine in the wine, the main characteristic is acidity, wonderful, jolting, intense acidity. While most desserts are out of the question with the Charleston Sercial, it still makes for a fine after dinner wine or a wonderful foil to a variety of dinner dishes. This is the driest wine in the series and a wine that has been served throughout meals in America for nearly 300 years. Chef Mario Batali won over 1000+ guests at the 2009 New York Wine Experience by boldly pairing Charleston Sercial with a wild boar dish of Wolfgang Puck's creation. Just two weeks later, in the Wall Street Journal, Alice Feiring picked the same Madeira as a wine of choice for chestnut soup, noting that it "is like a salted caramel without its sugar." But Mario and Alice were not the first to discover Charleston Sercial's charms. In 2005, Grant Achatz, whom many believe is America's most inventive chef, attracted national press for his cutting-edge pairings of Charleston Sercial with dishes at Alinea in Chicago.


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